Together We Rise -Reunites siblings at Disneyland

Sharing with you an awesome opportunity I had in September, I applied to volunteered to photograph 
with the organization Together We Rise, that includes photographing a group of siblings that will be reunited at Disneyland. These siblings are often times separated in foster care, so it not only would be their first time in Disneyland but also an opportunity to see each other again. They provided them with shirts, lunch and dinner, and even some spending money to get something at Disneyland. I was pretty excited for this, I wanted to see their reactions and hopefully accurately document these photographs for them. Together We Rise are going to make them photo albums of their day, and deliver them, so that they have that as memories. 
I met awesome people and great kids, the group you see below was actually divided in two, but they are part of a charity called Rexruffians (you can find their Instagram) who together as a group raised money for this cause and they also got to chaperone the kids at Disneyland. Each year they tell me they choose a different cause to raise money for and this year they worked for Together we rise, they're a group that loves Star Wars, and if you see below a patch on a backpack they designed it and sold them online for this cause. I fell in love with it and they mailed me one too, along with a sticker- Thank you guys!! 
It futures Rey from the new movie, and the reason behind it is because she (the actress) was also a foster kid herself, I thought it was so cool they incorporated the blue teddy bear from Together We Rise. 
Check out below the images, its definitely a great experience to see the joy of the kids seeing their siblings and being so affectionate to each other, and the awe of taking in Disneyland. Towards the end of the day, the kids said bye to the chaperones not wanting to leave and thanking them again and again and also asking me constantly if they where getting their photos later on to have them saved or framed. I promised they where going to get them constantly at the end of day. 
Now scroll below.... and check these out. 



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