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Laura and Obe- Hallway of Trees & Modern Times Engagement Session

Bringing you my fav type of photo shoots, you know the romantic at heart person here. If you follow my account for awhile and have been with me from the beginning she looks familiar, you know my model many times while I was learning photography- I mean as a family member they didn't have an option. But this time it was special, she is a bride to be and engaged to the love of her life!  Nothing is more awesome than photographing such a special occasion, one of the reasons is because you see them differently in this stage of their life and you have probably heard me say this a million times, but I always feel privileged to be able to capture this moment for them.  Like always, I chose to many favorites, because this location is amazing, and must I say we got a rare cold rainy day here in San Diego, and they where troopers. It did rain in the end and we got fog but the results where oh so good. We also continued at Modern Times Beer in South Park, such a chill place and I just took …

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