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Tea Set Party 1yr Session

I know if you saw my instagram I had posted some quick studio shots I did of my niece for her one year session, but this time we made it to the other session I wanted to do. We did a little tea set party style with her, and reused some of the props I had (YES LOTSO BEAR). If you think photographing my own family or nephews and niece is a ball in the park, think again. Its like everyone, when I get the toddler looking at me and smiling, I already lost the attention of one of the boys. Also, the boys are kind of over the photo shoots so I have to bribe them or promise it'll be super fast, or five more minutes which turn into 45min hehe. Usually what I do is photograph for a bit as soon as we get there and then let them explore or get a break and then try again to get their attention. Usually it works, but all kids have all kinds of attention spans. Meanwhile check them out, never fails I'm laughing at one of their shenanigans, I'll be posting bloopers on my instagram accoun…

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