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Couples Session at Piazza di Spagna in Rome, Italy

Finally sharing one of the sessions I did while visiting Europe last month, I stayed in the Piazza di Spagna by the spanish steps in Rome for a few days. It was awesome because we where near everything and we walked MILES but got to see all the main landmarks in Rome. When I arrived here I could not believe I was there finally, but I had to take some photos here, so luckily I convinced my friends to dress up a little and wake up early for a quick shoot before we continued with our exploring the city. Take a look for yourself and enjoy like always!  I definitely recommend to visit Rome, the food was like no other and probably the best food I ate all of my trip. Still dreaming of pizza and cheese and dry meats. 
Stay tuned for my second session I did in Europe ;) 
PS. I still have 2 weekends left in December if you are looking for a session or have some week afternoons available. 

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