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Wind & Sea La Jolla Surprise Proposal

I'm bringing you a session I did three weeks ago, and it includes my favorite type of photo shoots, you know because I get to plan a surprise proposal and I was able to decorate a little like a stylized session. Caitlyn posted in a Facebook group looking for a photographer in San Diego since she was visiting with her boyfriend for the weekend, she is also an awesome photographer herself from Kansas so definitely was looking for a beach look. I responded and offered to photograph them in one of my personal favorite beaches in La Jolla, where I'd like to think that it is not as over crowded as the Cove. Surprised to see that the day of the session it was HOT and everyone wanted to hang at the beach for obvious reasons. I found a spot near a cliff where I could work with hiding the people around us, and I also had to move it a little further down the beach because there was also high tide! Talk about obstacle after obstacle lol!  Ok now back to Caitlyn and Andrew, I already ment…

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