La Jolla Fashion Shoot - Paisley

So stoked to share with you all my personal project, meaning a photo shoot I plan with a model, and an outfit and make up etc. This year I wanted to make sure that I spent some time planning some personal projects for me, more for fun and do more of the style I like to photograph here and then. Which is fashion, if you've been following my blog for a few years you see this is nothing new and I always had pretty girls in front of my lens and constantly shooting for class projects. 
If you're a fellow photographer I hope you can see who my inspirations are, most 
of all I'm inspired by Vogue fashion spreads, specifically Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino. 
While I can't think of a specific shoot they have done, those are photographers that I really enjoy their work.
While La jolla was only my second option to finish up the shoot there, we couldn't shoot in my original location due to remodeling of the place. It was going to be an awesome location as well with some modern architecture- also something I really admire. 
I hope you can enjoy this shoot that I was able to do, and believe me that it left me recharged creatively and ready to plan another one. 
Much appreciation and thanks to beautiful model Paisley, who I barely have to direct because she's that awesome and knows her angles extremely well... and is willing to do anything for the shot ;) 
You're the best! 



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