Cleveland National Forest - Miguel and Shannel Engagement

Let me tell you about this session, it is a long post it has many photographs, while you may think that 
you have seen many already no you haven't! There is many more that I want to share with you, there are tons of them that I really liked, granted I might be biased since it is my brother and his fiancĂ© Shannel. 
When Miguel proposed to Shannel last summer, I instantly asked them what kind of sessions they would like, she mentioned they wanted a forest whimsical look. We originally had planned different locations, but due to actual winter weather we had here in Southern California, it seemed like it wasn't a good idea due to many of the locations having snow still. Well, I had thought we where going to go to the classic Lake Cuyamaca but the night before my brother let me know that they had decided on Cleveland National Forest, hall asleep I nodded but also half asleep I panicky googled it and searched for past photo sessions to give me some sort of clue of where I could shoot. Something else, that for some reason I can't get any credit for since I didn't think of it myself, but they decided to try some color smoke bomb pictures! I was stoked of course, and we tried to learn everything we could on how to safely use them and photograph with them. Also, if you are thinking of using these, please do not use in dry weather conditions since they do have a little spark in the beginning. 
Now back to the story, we got to the location and due to winter weather still looming, there was rain forecasted around 2:30 pm and after. Because of this we headed out early and tried our best to beat the rain, we failed. Since we didn't really know the area, we stopped in a trail and decided to just walk around and if anything popped out I would direct them in posing, well this trail was awesome! It had these white trees, and since it was cloudy the sun kept peeking through and giving us awesome lighting. We also found a water fall and river running through, and we hiked down to get there and do some shots. The scenery was amazing definitely ! 
To not make it any longer, a little after we wanted to leave to another area but we ended up getting lost and just walking an entire hiking trail which I have no idea how many miles it was, but it felt so long. So we found this awesome spot halfway thru the trail and decided to do the second part of the shoot with smoke bombs there and then. After, we tried our best to walk fast since rain started coming down at us. It was definitely a shoot to remember, we cracked up many times and wondered if we could ever get out of the trail, and definitely cracked up during the smoke bomb sequence trying to quickly pose and shoot and get the smoke to go the right direction. Thanks Brianna for helping out with that ! Like she said, we went a little extra for this shoot all for the siblings. 

(Brianna is Shannel's sister FYI. & MOH she deserves an award for going thru that as well)

Not pictured here - us soaking wet at the car, and swallowing whole our In N Out Burgers.



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