Coronado Beach Proposal- Mike and Shannel are Engaged!

A little extra long post, but it is a special one! Today I'm blogging and sharing with you my brother's proposal to Shannel, it was an incredibly difficult one to shoot, rushing to get everything perfect, worrying everyone will be there on time, and that my brother listened to my cues to make sure that I can photograph everything on camera...and worrying that my emotions won't affect my capabilities of shooting! 
Miguel showed us an idea he saw for a beach proposal and we went from there to gather different decorations for the table and finding a nice spot in a beach that would let all of us be there with them when the moment happened. For this reason, Coronado Beach was ideal because of the large sand area and there could be a little privacy while all of this happened as well as provide the beach background and the sunset lighting... 
Shannel's closest friends planned a girls day to go out and pamper themselves and have a dinner at Coronado but first they would go to the beach for a few minutes because supposedly they where early for a reservation, that is how Shannel arrived at the beach and her friends walked her to Miguel in which you can see below she was totally surprised of why he was there! Check the rest of the proposal below and the mini session I did after...
PS. Did I mention we planned this in one week exactly? Yep, it was a crazy week but these photos where worth it and the happiness radiating from both of them as well.. 

Congratulations Miguel and Shannel ! 


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