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Hi Folks! this is a little different blog posts than all pasts ones, usually I blog about photo sessions and 
the experience of photographing the family and couple or wedding, I mean they are all fun stuff! But 
I really wanted to talk about what happens after I photograph, and I deliver digital galleries and you get to download and put them in instagram or facebook, or as your screensaver. I mean thats awesome, today that is how you share and keep up with family and friends. But most of the time the photos stay digital, they remain in the virtual world, or in that folder in your desktop and we keep procrastinating printing those family photos to hang in the wall, or for your desk,  or send prints or cards. I'm not implying I don't do this- because I do, and I'm trying to print and frame more photos of my family around the house. But I did discovered something incredibly awesome and that I love in the past year or so, Photo Books! Coming from someone that use to print photos at kiosk and then cut them and arrange them in scrapbooks as I grew up, I loved this product!  
Now as a photographer I enjoy seeing my photos in a finished product, a print, a card, a frame hanging in your living room, or canvas, but I really enjoy books. They are perfect for that photo session that took an hr and you had 50+ photos you really liked, and you want to share them with everyone who comes to your house. So here it is: take a look at some books that I ordered. These are great for 
  • Family Portrait sessions ( outdoors) 
  • Engagement -for that book at your reception to sign
  • Maternity + Newborn 
  • Weddings
Some features include: full pages of photos or multiple photos think 25-30 photos 
* Flat pages 
* 20pgs. 
*Hard cover image wrap

If you have been photographed by me at a location this year or did your wedding or engagement photos send me an email : 
or fill out the contact form.! 
Previous customer save $30 on your book
Or book your session today, I have a special one that includes both the session and the book along with the digital files ;) 
If your still not convinced lets meet and I'll show you this books and see and feel for yourself! 
Thanks again! 

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