2013: Year in Review

As much as I find myself denying the fact that the year is ending and that soon we're meeting January. I cannot believe how incredibly fast this year went through!! I'm sure I'm not the only thinking the same way, but it is the inevitable. Anyway, I found myself thinking of every person I got to photograph this year, from the amazing couples I photographed to the families and the persons. Because of the reasonable amount of people I photograph, I also learn about them, they tell me their love story, or share the happiness of expanding their family and seeing their love cherish in one more addition of the family, or the incredibly crazy in love preparing to propose to their love of their life. It truly is great. I like stories and I like listening, it helps me know who I"m photographing, it helps me photograph you and you're loved ones and to this: I thank you!!! 
2013 was also the year that I put myself the goal to photograph full time, and work in photography full time, this meant finding jobs and finding stories to photograph, and no school. Well, the first few months I did attend school part time. I finished the Professional Photographer certification and that meant a lot! After 3 years of learning the science of my art. 
I also started working in the mornings photographing Newborn Babies, while I had done it before, it was a completely different challenge: photographing babies less than 24hrs born in a hospital room with harsh lighting and making the photos look like it wasn't happening there. Crazy right? 
Well, I'm happy to tell you that now I have conquered that challenge and I"m now a pro at saddling the baby and capturing a 20-30 photo gallery in less than 15 minutes. ;) 

Next up, in the summer I met a well established wedding photographer that has been photographing for 20 years, and needed a second photographer/assistant for the summer. So there I was photographing weddings in the summer!!! It included hot weather, gorgeous weddings, incredibly good steak and risotto! In these months, it was crazy busy, it was hot, and I was shooting non stop, almost every day and earning money, for something I loved doing, so it made me happy and I have learned so much! I can honestly say I have improved in skills and acquired new ones! More or less, I cannot wait what 2014 will bring, and the new jobs and skills I will obtain and the lovely people I will meet!!! 
 Goals Met:   * Photographed full time  * did 5 weddings of my own + 10 more
* was part of an art show     *conquered skills in newborn photos *photograph a 20 people bridal group
                                   Thank you for your support and appreciation of my work!!! 

PS-  stay tuned for new updates and promos for Wedding Packets
                                           PPS. Take a look at my favs from this year. :)

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