Jonathan & Bemilda Proposal

This is probably one of my favorite things: to photograph proposals and the formal engagement sessions, because you're able to experience the different stages of the couple and get to know them and their story. Also because its the time where they are most comfortable with being photographed, and excited and basically high off of Love. It's definitely worth it to photograph both occasions! I definitely recommend it! 
Now to Jonathan and Bemilda, Jonathan was referred to me by a mutual friend ( YOU ROCK!) and he called me to ask if I was available Oct 16, and I was and then the next weeks he kept me updated in the plans he was doing to surprise Bemilda. It included going in a ride to the Gondola thru Coronado Island for an hour, just the two of them at sunset with wine and strawberries! He made a scrapbook of their times spent together and in the last page it had the proposal! Take a look at the photos for yourself! 
I definitely had fun photographing this special event for them, and seeing them happy and celebrate with both families was great! 
In the end it was worth all the prepping Jonathan made with both families because she was totally surprised and extremely happy & she said YES to Jonathan. 
Congratulations Jonathan & Bemilda! 

If you're interested in a session please visit the website page/contact page. 


  1. Such a sweet proposal! I'm a sucker for huge romantic gestures, and I love wedding photographs and videos! I often watch them and cry along hahaha I'm such a sap!
    Just wanted to drop by and appreciate your blog for a bit. You're always commenting such sweet things on mind and I realized that I never really showed you any gratitude for that. Thanks for always making me feel great when I see your name in my comments section! I always look forward to reading your kind comments, they definitely motivate me to keep writing.
    Looking forward to seeing more engagement photos!

    1. Joanna!! Thanks for dropping by!!! Glad you appreciate them! You write lovely and make more sense of our human feelings that I could ever tput into words. Always looking forward to them.



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