Sarahi & Rick Wedding

Summer is almost here and the fair started and graduations are bursting! But I will take you back to spring when I photographed my friend Sarahi and Rick!! 
By the way this is a special post because its the 100th post on the blog!!! Just a little 
background on this blog, it started in high school when I began playing with a dslr and wanted to try photography and was experimenting, so I decided to document it here and my progress ( I don't recommend digging in those first 30 posts!!) 
Remember this couple? It doesn't feel that long ago when they got engaged and we photographed their session at the beach and seaport village, but the wedding day was here and it was wonderful. 
Rick and Sarahi where both ecstatic waiting for their day, and I was too, since 
Sarahi is a good friend of mine. I arrived at her house and her family was buzzing with excitement and in rush to be ready for the ceremony, everything was well coordinated and in place, and the wedding ran smoothly. I loved Sarahi's bouquet full of bursting colors, and it gave me a chance to photograph it along with her accessories. Sarahi had chosen the theme of beach hence the shells and decor! I had tons of fun and was happy for both of em, I loved a lot of the photos so take a look. I think its the longest post so far in the blog!!! 
I cannot thank enough Sarahi and Rick for choosing me to photograph their wedding and be part 
of this special day in their lives! 
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Collins!! :D 
-Miriam M. 

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