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It smells like summer, the heat is starting, school is over, graduations are happening, time for bonfires. 
Love this season! It also means, that I have a lot of time to update here on the blog, and find more sessions. In the meanwhile, I'm finally uploading my favorite sessions that I did this last months, for school, it was an advanced class, where we could basically do whatever we wanted but it challenged us to think out of the norm and push ourselves to photograph something simple but with a concept, and a different way. For example, we had to photograph black and white without the photo being In black and white, hence the challenge and we also had one week to think and develop, cast a talent or model and shoot and edit and deliver. So yes, it was pretty hectic and crazy and left me no time to blog or publish it online, also I was juggling a new job at the hospital photographing newborns! & for my surprise I did 3 weddings in the spring and multiple sessions, I cannot be happier!
Meanwhile, enjoy these photos, mostly shot editorial and fashion style, my favorite subject to play around, and I cannot thank enough the girls that helped me model late at night or last minute!!
THANK YOU GIRLS!!! I could not have done it with out you. :)

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