Lindsey & Forrest: Engagement surprise

First proposal of the year that I photographed, I was contacted to help a group of friends that where helping Forrest get everything together for the day he will propose to Lindsey. Annie will also be photographing, Forrest sister and best friend Nathan helped get everything together. Lindsay and Forrest recently moved away from each other (not that far), so Forrest to make up for the time of not being together he invited her to eat at El Prado Restaurant in Balboa Park, afterwards they had a walk into this garden and Nathan had positioned the book Forrest made in the bench and had given Forrest the ring while Lindsey had no idea what was going on. It was a special book with all of their memories, and special words dedicated to her, and in the last page it had a photograph of him holding a sign with the question. Meanwhile all of us where hiding in the area next to this garden, Forrest sister recording a video, and Annie photographing from another spot and me from another. Everything worked out perfectly, and well you can see for your self. Hope I didn't creeped them out, since they had no idea who I was! :P (I did introduce myself after, hence the portraits after**)
Thank you for letting me be part of this special moment in your life and Annie for inviting me to help, and Jamie for recommending! 
Enjoy this session! & 
Congratulations on your engagement!

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