Tepoztlan, Morelos

hey there!!! so far its been 2 weeks and they are amazing two more to go....Its been great and Ive been having fun visiting family and goin to places that are very interesting. One of them has been to a little town called Tepoztlan in Morelos about 40 minutes from where I am staying. The little town is known for the little but long and exhausting trail that they have to go visit a pyramid on top of a huge mountain. Its unbelivable for me that I actually made it all the way, I was dragging myself after about an hour, but let me tell you that its amazing and well dam worth it on top. The view is expetacular and the pyramid itself. I took pictures through out the town and also on my way up. I took some when I am in the middle of the town and you can see far out the pyramid, so that you can see by yourselves that I am not exagerating.
this is all i manage to upload i am in a public place and i will upload later..promise...this is just a few pics of the town i have a million more....


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