Temixco, Morelos [Cuernavaca]

Hi there!!! I have good news...I am traveling!!! woot woot!!! Its been a long time since I have been to this place [title of this blog], exactly 5 years. To tell the truth, its the only place out of San Diego that I have ever been to[...sad huh?] Anyways, they said to really experience a town or a country is getting to know it from the grounds, by that I mean knowing it through it the normal people, the people that know the city the way it truly is. Not what a tourist is shown, which is the pretty places and fun places. I am glad that I have family there, all of it. Both of my parents are from there, I hope to visit some really cool places. But one of my plans is to photograph ordinary life, there. What I am goin to see everyday there. I leave on thursday, July 30 and come back August 30. A month...boy I hope I make it. Here are some pictures that I found from there and kind of an idea of how I want to photograph. They are exactly taken in the town where I am goin to be.
I would be arriving in Mexico City and then taking a bus to morelos, which is remotely close.
This cheese is amazing, i am soo ready for homemade quesidillas.
This is absolutely my favorite.
This volcano can be seen from the city.
I have to see some pyramids....this are really close to there..
This food carts are everywhere, literary. All kinds of food. But I am not allowed to eat from those, my stomach is sensible. :D
[All pictures from Flickr-Temixco, Morelos]
[Map-By Google]


  1. Have a great time in Temixco!!! Take millions of photos!


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