Taxco, Guerrero

Im back!!!! It feeels good and awkard too, I was actually getting used to Morelos. I loved my vacations. I had alot of fun and I am trully gratefull that I was able to visit small towns with a lot of history and very important archeology. Most of the sites where pyramids and I loved every site I went to. I also visited some small towns famous for different artifacts and culture and food. Today, I am goin to post about Taxco, Guerrero the town most known for its silver. Its the most common thing that is being sold there, from necklaces to bracelets and rings. I am also happy to say that my grandfather is from this place, and I was able to learn a little more about my roots.

In this park or 'Zocalo' as they are called in Mexico, the customs are to every weekend come here and walk with the family, partner, or meet someone new. Theres all kinds of activities from dancing to clowns. You could also buy a variety of homemade desserts. The interesting thing of this town that I hadn't heard of anywhere else is that the customs here were that the girls that were single would walk in one circle all around this kiosk and the guys the opposite way, this way if they would see someone interesting they would go and talk to the girl and sit in a bench and talk. My grandfather would do this in his teen years and manhood.

Another custom in this town is that when a funeral occurs the whole town well family and friends gather together and walk the dead in his cast all the way to the cementery mourning his death. From this point I was told that they still had a long way to go, considering that they started in the church photograph above. This picture was taken quite a few streets below that church too. A similiar funeral was done for my grandfather here and he was also buried here in this town.
I think my favorite part of this town is getting to this high point and observe the town from this point. As you can see 99% of the houses and buildings are white and so are the cars...this results in a pretty much unique town compare to all Mexico. Also, the houses are pretty much stacked on top of each other and the streets are quite small, and the streets are all upphill in slopes. This sure is quite a town!


  1. i love the photos! I really think all the vw beetle bugs too!! So lovely, I'm glad you had an amazing time.


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