First Guy shoot

Yup! this is my first male shoot. And its not just any guy, but my brother, my little brother. I convinced him and I pried around his closet and found some clothes and dressed him up.It was kinda hard because he is my brother and he likes to goof alot. Although he is kind of photogenic, and I got some nice pics. Here they are. What do you think? Through out this weekend I have been more self conscious of my flash and how it works and I'm not happy. I get this annoying shadows, and I ty to work around them it sometimes work and it sometimes doesn't. Although, I figured out that if I'm not that too close to the person and a good distance I dont get any shadows and the whole scene is nicely lighten.

But I have to learn more. Definately.


  1. Love the guitar one & the black & white one... You're very talented!

    I've tagged you in my latest blog

    Bambola x


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