I have been tagged by Bambola with the the blog Girl with the Big Brown Eyes
and I have to write ten things about me...its kinda hard for me but here it goes.

1.I love to read. (jaja but guaranteed you will see me do)

2. I tend to blurt out whatever is on my mind, making me very random.

3. I am straightforward or honest :D

4. I am very quiet and shy (my voice is low)

5. I enjoy drawing and listening to classical music as well as broadways and musicals.

6. I love movies, old fashiones, new, musicals, romantic. I always rent movies find it very hard
to rent the next time. (i've seen most of them)

7. I love art and photography.

8. I mostly accomplish everything I set myself to.

9. I am hoping to study Architecture and maybe also find something in Photography.

10. I love Red and coffee and italian food.

Those are my ten things about me.

*I fixed some more pictures of my brother and went over the lasts one I posted and figured what's wrong, what I liked or not. But this two I like alot, I'll have to review them again.
What you guys thing??


  1. Oh thank you for your lovely words! I appreciate it. I love the first shot of your brother on the street, Very Nice! and I complete know what you mean about blurting out random things.


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