I fell in love with masks ever since i watched the movie the Phantom of the Opera. And i few million times after, and even more when i saw it in the broadway.
My favorite part is the Masquerade Ball. Its a ball where everyone wheres masks and sings songs to the Phantom. If you guys ever see that movie (the recent one) and see the cool red outfit that the phantom had along with his stunning red mask. You guys will understand. And besides i love red. Like alot.
Anyways, I went to Michaels like a month ago and bought some masks and some feathers to make my own and hopefully photograph something. Well I never really did or have the time till yesterday, me and my cousin (the one that constantly is in my photographs) made them. We use paint, nail polish, and feathers. They looked awesome!! We finish late and we took a break on a movie (which the end is so bad, nights in rodantha), but i refused to go sleep without photographing, so I did. It was very late at night. I didn't take that many but some where good. I edited some and a few or two i might say liked with out fixing anything on them. .
Here they are.

Here are some. Not all of them. I still am going through the other set with another mask. My favorite one. There are a few more I liked. Soon they will be posted here.


  1. oh my! Love the masks you have!
    I've alays wanted a black and red one with feathers adn the stick you hold. Looks so cool.
    Yes, Phantom of the Opera is just magical, I watched it in the West End Theatre, London, when I was like.. 7? And then watched the movie.
    So good.
    Love the photos :)


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