Shadow Portait-Sibling Love

The latest assignment for photography club is self-portrait through shadow. My idea for that was taking a picture of me and my brother behind me to the side, it included wearing similar clothing (in which we kind of do have, alot). It wasn't very hard since my brother is my shadow till this day, and he listens to me and always ask for my opinion, basically looks up to me. My brother is only one year behind me in school and I am only a year and a half older but most of the time is only one year the difference. People always thought that we were twins, in which many times I denied over and over again after a while though I just let them. But now that we are in High School things changed slightly, I go to regular school and my brother has home school. Doesn't mean we grew apart at all. I get home and my brother starts to rattle on and on about his day and the things he did and my opinion of certain things etc.

I really appreaciatte the fact that our relationship is good, brotherly and sisterly. In my opinion if both of us would have been in the same school like it has always has been, things would have changed alot. High school is a tough time, through tough changes and I am glad we didn't, things hopefully will stay the same.

Here is my own shadow portrait that I took on the little sunlight that there was here in San Diego, since it was suppose to be a rainy weekend. What they didn't say was that it was going to rain like crazy today, Monday!!


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