Holiday Break

So I absolutely haven't done anything at all. Intriguing that is. That can inspire me to photograph or write. I feel like I have so many ideas yet I have none! It is absolutely annoying, one moment I could think of this one long exciting photo shoot with people and things or weather than later I am bummed and the idea vanishes. It usually happens when I CANT do the ideas that I get. Ugh I hate it. Any happen at all to you guys?
Anyways, on Sunday I happen to stick to my aunt to go the mountains where it snows and there is lots of mountains and snow. It was completely awesome, I hadn't been to the snow in so long, and I had the camera, the good camera, and I was able to take some amazing pictures. Well, not that amazing but ok I guess. I am just excited that I took some that were different from what I usually take. The mountains were absolutely white and the sun was so high and full of light that the camera was just dizzy with so much light and white. I had some trouble focusing it. But I kinda go it in the end I took some that are good and some that are like blah. So here it goes. Critics are welcomed!!!

-Have an awesome winter break!!-

This is me and my friend Sol, in which she took in watever pictures I am in. Always there with me for photoshoots. :D


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