Portrait Photoshoot

This weekend was the last of my holiday break it was very sad to confront that ugly reality! Anyway, through my weekend I discovered that I still was missing my portrait shot for my photo club and that was very frustating considering that I had two weeks to do it. But I decided since I was looking through blogs alot lately I wanted to do a shoot of a friend or anyone actually that was willing to let me give them orders and photograph! Fortunately I was able to get someone, I originally intended it to be my cousins but they weren't able to. In a hurry I asked my friend that just came back fresh from vacations! She also brought changes of clothes and let me do her make up and such things, I might say it was soo much fun! Even though I missed the sun I used some lamps and in some flash. Anyway, here are the shots and they turned up nice I might add. What do you think?

I also had the assignment of taking a worms eye view, I chose flowers and this is what I came up with....I have more and there also different shots of around the same theme but I'll post them later since I am at school!!


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