Miguel and Shannel- US Grant Hotel and Downton San Diego Session

Presenting you today the second part of Miguel and Shannel's Engagement session, 
this one in particular I was envisioning for a while now. I had in mind a vintage hollywood style of session, very elegant and editorial. If you have been following my page for a while you know I love fashion portraits and editorials, and I wanted to sort of add it to an engagement session so for them I did it! It was photographed in downtown San Diego, one of my favorite places to visit often and every time I go I see new inspiration every where- one time we wandered into the US Grant Hotel, and thought it would be the ideal place for the session. So last month we finally decided to photograph it and we made it to sunset time at the top of the parking lot of the Horton Plaza Mall, and then walked to the lobby of the US Grant Hotel. The Hotel is open for drinks and to hang out in their bar so we didn't have any problems photographing there, and I'm so glad I was able to finally photograph this shoot, and bring it to life. I couldn't just pick a few like always, but check them out below, I'm so excited for the results. It will probably be one of the last times my brother will let me photograph him, but believe me I took advantage of this moment :D Can't believe he is getting married in just a few weeks- and no I won't photograph the wedding, there is a time for everything and this time I will be enjoying the occasion. 
Thanks for reading ! 


Lighting and some photos by -Iliana V. (THANKS!!!) 


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