Balboa Park - La Jolla -Engagement Session

Second time attempting to post this again, it got deleted the first time... But this is Gigi and Lee's engagement session, from the first time I met Gigi she told me of the places she wanted to include but most importantly it included their dogs (I love DOGS) which I was so excited for. Not only this but it included photographing a little of where their story began, they met at an event for their law school, so it was only fitting that we took some pictures there, and which is now their profession. From the get go, Gigi was sure to include these details and I was excited to photograph them. I give them mad props for being able to be troopers in three different locations and three outfit changes, you can bet by the end they where experts at modeling and professing their love in front of my camera! You can see from my post it is a long one but oh so good..... the lighting was so awesome in these. 
Thanks Gigi and Lee for letting me photograph your engagement session, I'm sure you guys will rock your wedding pictures! 
Wish you the best... 


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