A s'mores picnic engagement session- Kimberly & Josh

Today I present you with a little engagement session from last month, we had scheduled a day a month prior but I was a little worried that the weather would make us reschedule. As weird and rare as it sounds, January brought us,San Diegans lots of rainy windy storms! Surprisingly it did not rain on the day that I had this session and a wedding!!! I was so happy, although a bit chilly but still great enough to have awesome results... 
Kimberly and Josh are due to marry soon, and we where planning something out of the box, and finally we decided for a slight twist on the cute picnic style session and because the weather was chilly and it is technically sort of winter...we did a little s'mores and hot chocolate session. That's not the best part, what was the best part was that Kimberly and Josh where so in love and so easy to photograph, I hardly had to direct them or tell them how to pose! I kept mentioning it through out the session and I like the response that they both kept giving me: Its all love! (forgive me Kim and Josh if its not exactly those words but it was along those lines) 
They where so giggly and happy and like someone that commented in the instagram photos, they look so in love... indeed they do! 
Check out the rest of the photo session below and see for yourself! 




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