Best of 2015

You know the typical I'll post something and gather end of year moments and collect photographs in one post by January 1st, well it didn't. It is January 10th or 11th when it blog post goes live, procrastination at its finest. 
But in another note, I really wanted to share online my best photographs of the year from the photo sessions I did, one of the main reasons is because I feel like I finally hit my niche on my editing style and the photography style. I really left every photo session with one or three photographs that I really loved and that I believed showcased that person naturally. You might not see a whole lot variety of different people but you know the saying quality over quantity? I believe that is the case the here! 
Check out my best of 2015!! 

"Here's to my heart seeing better and focusing clearer in 2016"-@Imageisfound 

Stay tuned for more sessions coming your way...


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