Vanina & Humberto- Downtown San Diego Engagement

Today I'm sharing with you my most recent engagement session, to say it went well will be an understatement but I'll try to explain. If you have been with me since the beginning, well maybe not the beginning but when I was going through college and shooting every week and delivering projects every week- yeah it was crazy. Back to the point, I had met Vanina at a park (through mutual friends I'm not a stalker) and I asked her if she would be interested in modeling for me for some projects and she did. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, she let me know she recently got engaged and would like to schedule a session!!! 
They wanted a city look and we opted for downtown San Diego, you can never go wrong here and really any part of downtown looks awesome for photos. We started at Children's Park and we walked, definitely troopers for doing cardio and photos, it was a great time I even forgot about being sick and we where accompanied by some friends Karen & Elijah who definitely kept a great ambient with random outbursts of Drake's Hotline Blink. 
Enough rambling and check out the photos, cannot wait to photograph their wedding! 


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