Cocco & Jaime's Wedding

Excited to finally be sharing my friends wedding Cocco & Jaime ! 
I had a lot of pictures for them, it was definitely hard to choose my favorites, and she even had great details for her wedding day. Her day was definitely super easy not a stressful environment, which I guess contributed to me having a lot of time to photograph and take my sweet time photographing, it was a nice perk! Her wedding was at her sister's ranch house in Jamul, and while I was nervous of the weather it actually was a nice cloudy day with perfect lighting, no bright sun light !!! Since this blog post is super long already, check out her wedding day in photos! If you'd like to see their slideshow with more pictures click HERE

& If you where a guest or family member and want a picture I took of you 
or that you're in click HERE those are the pictures after the ceremony, if you on click menu you can see reception pictures and scroll until you see yours. :)




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