LA Cetto Winery Wedding: Jehu & Libby

Today, I'm so excited to share this wedding that I did in January! Finally got the chance to photograph a wedding portraits at a winery in Tj, BC, Mexico and the pictures where awesome!
If you remember this couple its because I photograph their engagement session in LA downtown which was also equally as awesome. I definitely enjoy seeing couples like this go through very special life changing events like this one and I feel privileged that they chose me to photograph it.
How I got ready for this wedding included having tacos the night before and in between shooting bridal prep time eating mexican sweet bread and cafe con leche. :D Definitely enjoyed that!
Afterwards, we went to the ceremony and it was a great ceremony celebrated with close friends and family! So glad to see Jehu happy since you can basically he was a childhood friend!
I was so excited to shoot at this winery and once you where underneath where they stored all the wines it was pitch dark but with the help of the bridal party we where able to light the bride and groom for the romantic session and it smelled AWESOME. Still a little bummed I didn't try the wine lol, but I could at least smelled the wine! It was a great wedding definitely and I got to ride in a classic american car with the bride and groom ;) how cool is that? Scratch that too off the photo bucket list!!
Anyways! Enjoy the photos which are a lot because I couldn't pick few !
Also, if you where a wedding guest or in the wedding party or family member CLICK HERE to view the full wedding gallery of Jehu and Libby and look for your picture or congratulate the couple below!

PS CLICK HERE to see a video slide show of the wedding!

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