Magali and Nephews

This month I was able to photograph my sister and kids, for their annual photo shoot! The oldest recently just turned 5 and the little one is turning two in just a few weeks. I cannot believe how fast time flies and how big they are, I know sometimes they drive me crazy but I won't change this time with them. Their hilarious and fun, I'm currently working on training the little one with photographing! Its hard let me tell you, to get them to be good together at the same time and take photos with mom! So yes I know what you deal with for family photos! I also, convinced my sister to finally be photographed with them, well because the time will never be right and you NEED to do it now. 
For this session we went to this mall in Otay and its very pretty place filled with many opportunities and looks, and also I bribed the nephews with a movie in the end. It was a fast session as you can guess cause of the little ones, but I loved the results or I might be biased. :D 
Enjoy this photo session! 


PS_ When was the last time you photographed your family and kids? 

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