J & J 1yr session

Hello all!! Happy to be back to blogging and update social networks and such, I've been ignoring for a good thing, its been busy busy photographing weddings and portraits! Took me a while to get this blogged, but here are my nephews and specifically the younger one, he turned one year in february and a few weeks after I went and did a photo session. He is the most funny and will burst out laughing for anything and looks straight in the camera. I think we have good genes, because both of them are pretty darn photogenic. :) I'm happy that I was able to photograph through out the year and see how much he has grown and how different he looks now! Its pretty amazing, considering that we thought when he was just born that he looked exactly like his brother but now I doubt it. They are so different and to each his own personality. I'm a proud aunt! :) 
See for yourself and hope you enjoy these photographs. 

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