Beauty Portraits 2012

I have been striving ever since I started photography, to accomplish the 'beauty portrait', glamour slash fashion look. Personally, I don't think I have had accomplish to my standards the beauty glamour photo, something always didn't quite convince me. But, this past year has been the year I have grown the most as a photographer, artistically, technically, and experienced. Of course, I haven't experienced everything that there is to a photographers life, or work belt, but what I have learned has helped to 'more easily accomplish' what I set my mind to photograph. The idea comes out more exactly of how I imagined it in the final result. This is more like a self reflection in my work, in case you haven't noticed... :P
But back to the photo shoot, I remembered Catherine, seeing her around my school, and then ending up in the same photography class last semester, and I had always wanted to photograph her. I know, it sounds creepy, but to any photographer out there, they know what I mean. So finally, over the summer I added her on Facebook, and then a few months later I asked if she would model for me for some beauty portraits and I did. (I hope your not creeped out by me after reading this post btw) She delivered so well, although she says she's not too well at it, I loved the results she gave me... & then what was more awesome was that a friend that has Model a lot for me, did the super cool make up I asked for. Ashley, of course, I think she's in like 5 blog posts of mine.... or less, she's a great model too, but it was great working with her behind the camera for me this time around. I hope its not the last time I get to work with both of you girls. Anyway, see the results for yourself!
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