Laura and Jose Wedding

Super excited to finally show case this wedding, it came as a surprise job only 
a month before the wedding or a little less...If you remember this couple from the
engagement session at Julian, you've seen this couple before! I thank them for the opportunity 
to let me be part of their special day! We started the day at Balboa Park, for their 
portrait session, it went great and good as planned! I was a little nervous thinking of all 
those great wedding photos that have been many times photographed here. 
But, here are my favorite images, and it is Balboa Park with a little 
spin here...
I dare say that my favorite images are always the special portraits after ceremony 
during the party, where everyone is more happy and relaxed. 
Which are the images photographed in the Bonita Golf Course...  
Oh and I managed to make a vimeo account to upload 
videos of my sessions...So I guess its a new feature I would be using to showcase 
my photo sessions and well a little more than a blog for my clients to share... :)
Click to see the video at the end of the photos! 

Laura and Jose's Wedding: Highlights from Miriam Morales on Vimeo.


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