Blanca and Luis Engagement Session

At the beginning of the year I was approached by Blanca and Luis to photograph their 
engagement and wedding, and after a few meetings I convinced them to photograph them! 
This is provably one of the funnest shoots ever! First we started in Ocean Beach where there was a Dog fair and we walked along the canal (?)  and did some portraits! I must say I loved these! Even though the sun was at its full capacity we managed to get through! But Blanca and Luis had a little touch of their own in this session: they wanted to go the Fair, and I went along with it and accepted the challenge! It was awesome and this couple showed their love and laughter and lots of smiles! See for yourself! 
Can't wait for their special day in September! Congrats Blanca and Luis! :) 
PS- After the fair we thought we where done but there was this perfect moment where the clouds and the sun where playing hide and seek and I asked to stop and shoot a little more, we ended somewhere in Torrey Pines between some homes. Definitely loved it!! 



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