Wilderness Fashion 1

Last weekend I did a photo shoot with a bunch of photographers! As you might have seen in Facebook, there was a lot of models, and a different concept from this one you're about to see. It was a bit hectic, I ended up from 6 girls showing up to one! I was pretty upset, but I got over it seeing that the one awesome chick that went Julie, well she gave me a LOT to choose from, she was really photogenic and for the three sessions that we did, she did something different. Because of this, I decided to split the blogging and galleries in two parts: this is the first session with Julie alone, and the next is with April, whom managed to model for me last minute! :) I loved the lighting in this part of the day, the sun was in the middle, not too high or too low, and I really liked the photos in black and white. But, I managed to leave some in color to keep it different. My goal for the day was to shoot everything with the 50mm lens, so I photograph the entire day with it. Funny thing: I hated that lens, but now I really really love it. :) It gave me awesome results. I also collaborated with Josie's Hair Designs or Josie Valdez, she did Julie's hair which was amazing! Thanks! :) *So look at the gallery of the entire shoot below! Oh and comment if you have something to say, or if you have a facebook Like it!! :D *The photos on top and below are my favs!


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