Pin Up Session! Part 1.

Hello!! For this photo session we had planned a fancy photo session with a great beautiful beach: La Jolla. But of course, since the weather is bipolar it decided to rain and be cold the day of the session (it could have been like a 100 degrees like today!) we switched the photo shoot to the studio, which meant the models had to be doing the great works. It is none other than my cousins: Laura and Nancy, I have photographed them numerous times since the beginning of my photography and during the explorations. Of course, never once have they hesitated to be in front of the lens no matter the weird circumstance I would put them in... I've been wanting to photograph this idea for a while, but it really pieced together with them and their vintage bathing suits, I wanted to add to the vintage look and in some change it up a bit with a more modern age... The result was well...PURE AWESOMENESS! I'm very happy with them and liked so many that I split it in two sessions first this is Laura's session....stay tuned for Nancy's part. Enjoy!!! :D *Some of my Favs here:
Pin Up Session


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