A Sunset Cliffs Photo Shoot!

I've been wanting for a while to shoot at this place, the first time I visited there was in the summer 09'. Helping a friend photograph. In my mind, I've had the idea of a fashion shoot there, with fancy dresses that you wear for prom or bridesmaids. Much like fashion spreads that you will see in Vogue or Teen Vogue or Glamour. Although, I highly doubt I got results like that, I'm happy and was super excited with results and with the process of editing them. I couldn't choose which were the 'best ones' since I liked a lot of them. Anyways, here are the results!!!
Models: Ashley & Nicole. The best!!! They where pretty much natural in front of the
camera, one of the best collaborations so far, between me and my model. :D

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MnM Photography Blog Sunset Cliffs Photo Shoot


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