More Portraits

Due to my not being able to edit photos all week I have had some pictures piling up from all past weeks. Also, for exactly that reason I didn't check out the camera from school this weekend.
Maybe this weekend though. I just got some ideas browsing through the internet. They are awesome.
Anyways, the first two pictures are my friend at school and I had absolutely no idea where to take pictures (this was before lasts post) so I just went at this weird kind of looking closets. Those were the results.
The other ones were me tempting to photgraph water falling and take a portrait. One that I liked its here. The other too was just trying a new outfit, the funny thing is that I saw my grandmothers dress that she left here on the closet and was like OMG I could take some pictures with an old fashioned kind of outfit.
I really liked the outfit.
Here they are.


  1. I like the first one and the last one, The sparkles in the back are what got me in the first one and the angle/point of view of the last one. :)


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