Learning to use Flash

Yesterday in Photo Club we were practicing how to use flash. I thought this was amazing because I personally get very frustated with the flash. Like sunday, geez I gave up on it pretty quickly. But yesterday I kinda got a more bigger grasp of it and kinda know how it works, but I need to use alot more often, for sure.
Anyway, outside of the class there's a large dumpster and an old couch and desks and chairs that no one uses. I wonder how they got there??
Here are the pictures that were orginally posted in my school's blog Kearny Photo Geeks, and I found they have been changed a little. Just in black and white and vignette (i think). Which Jamie did for all of the pictures.
Here they are. What do you think?


  1. I really like the first black and white shot with her hair blowing.

  2. M- just so you know, I usually change the photos a little more than a vignette and change to BW. I will teach you my tricks once we have access to photoshop. Chapel should have all the raw files.

  3. OK. I thought so too. But I had no idea. what.


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