Yesterday I shot some pictures and I felt like red so everything was red. The make up the background and the shirt well some of them. I got the idea from this one series of pictures that I found in the internet, this girl had kind of like a cute clown make up. I liked it, so I did it. In many ways you could tell I made it my own. You could see the pictures in the blog called inspiration. Although I did shot around 100 pictures I have feeling that I wasn't done that something is still missing. Hopefully I'll finish this some other day. Here are some which I thought were best. I also tried again to shoot a picture in motion and still capture an expression two came out good in my opinion but not that good. Oh and also the pictures were in my room agaisn't my red wall and yes red is my favorite color. Can't you tell?

-This here was my first attempt.

-Second attempt I thought a red shirt was necessary and I like her expression more
on this one.

In this three I was trying to photograph her eyes by that I mean the true color of her eyes. Is it just me that all the red there makes it seem as her eyes have some kind of hint of red.

Here she looks like a bad ass. :D

This are other expressions we tried and show off the old fashioned necklace!


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