Red and Picnik

I mentioned in the Red post that I had something missing and well I decided to edit some of the pictures. Where I edited them was in an awesome wesite that makes it your own account with different effects that are really cool and of course the basics. I like it but the only thing is that you can't have a large library only five pics. But you can save them in the computer which pretty much is the only thing that matters. Here are some. Check out the website too. I mean its not photoshop but its something right??

This one I really liked how it turned out. The colors were appropietly (check spelling)
standing out. Luv luv luv it.


  1. thank you! that just like made my day.
    i've been getting some pretty bad criticism.
    i really like your photography :)
    especially the first and second ones

  2. Wow! Those photos are gorgeous! That last one is awesome - you're right about the colours.

    You have an absolutely stunning smile =)

    Bambola x


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