About a month ago, Todd contacted he wanted to propose to Lindsay, and from then on we found a date that worked and asked him what his ideas where. He wanted something very special, romantic, on the beach, unforgettable, he wanted the best for Lindsay. A week before the actual proposal we met at the spot and gave him some suggestions, and some guidance, told him where we'd meet and such. Fast forward to one week later and its a hot humid weekend in San Diego with some awesome sunsets that are still happening late in the afternoon. You know San Diego just showing off how summers are done, unfortunately for me I was sick and felt like death. Somehow I photographed a wedding in that beach location the day before, took some meds and called my friend on Sunday if she can help please to carry stuff on the beach: I had a mission to do this and deliver an awesome set up and proposal for Lindsay & Todd. 
5:30pm came and Todd was right on time, he walked the wrong way we had rehearsed, and nearly walked into their group of friends and family that where there to celebrate with them. I called them in a panic to run behind the set up cause he was directed straight into them, they basically crawled LOL. 
Nonetheless Todd found the set up and gave me some time to photograph the proposal, Lindsay was surprised and before he officially asked she was saying Yes over and over ! 
Congratulations !!!! 

I love doing this, and this was so special, sometimes I forget how awesome it is to photograph some amazing and life events of you guys. 
Thanks ! 
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because I love them all. 

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