Stephanie: Fashion Session at Butterfield II

I'm excited to show these images of my cousin Stephanie! Usually every year we go on a summer trip with our families to Butterfield Ranch Resort, where we rent a cabin and stay the weekend over, last year we weren't able to go due to family circumstances but this year we did go and it was really exciting! Two years ago, I had photographed her and even showcased the photographs in art show, it was so cool and exciting to be able to do that! So I definitely wanted to try to photograph again at this place and try different looks than last time and play around with the enormous location that we obviously had, it can definitely give you lots of different looks. We planned the session before hand and had some inspirations and I decided to photograph the last day we where there in the morning due to some rain on Friday... It planned out well because it was the sunniest day, good lighting all around us. I did wanted to show that dessert look against a canyon or mountain but it was kind of far so there this huge pile of dry rock that could give us that look and we tried it out. Although, it was kind of soft and loose sand because of the rain we where able to quickly photograph some pictures, before I could possibly fall or roll down with the camera ( almost happened twice). BUT I did get the pictures I wanted! I hope you enjoy this set of photographs, its my favorite kind of sessions, where I'm more able to have artistic freedom. Big thanks to Stephanie for being an awesome model! 

Miriam Morales 

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