Toddler studio session

Photographed her a few weeks ago, its incredibly great to see her grow up so fast! Time flies! 
I'm also excited to be photographing again in a studio set up, and slightly different set up. I have incorporated natural lighting into it and it turned out well I think! It has definitely helped a lot to have learned to photograph in the hospital every day in natural lighting. It had been a few months that I had purchased new backdrops, I wanted some with some color and happy tones for kids and toddlers! I think they work well,  and I also have another one in case you're wondering ;) 
I enjoyed photographing this toddler stage because they're learning their surroundings and learning new faces and words! Check out my favorites ! 

If you'd like to set up studio session for your toddler or child please email at 

I'm currently offering these before summer begins ! 
(two kids maximum) 



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