Proposal at Coronado Island Hotel

 Today, I'm so excited to be sharing this photo session I did at Coronado Island Ice skating rink. The week leading up to it was of careful planning and meeting Dan to talk about his plan and how he will do it. He planned a dinner at the restaurant of the hotel, nothing she wouldn't suspect because it was her Birthday, and celebrated it. Afterwards, they went for ice skates and with the help of Chris in charge of the ice skating rink, he set up a fake contest that they won, and would get 5 minutes to ice skate alone together, it was during this time Dan would stop and propose to her in the middle of the ice rink in front of both of their families cheering on to Dan and the many other people that where there that night!! It was an incredible moment to see that all of his hard work paid off, as you can see she had no idea and she said YES! Check out look below at the photographs of this special occasion,      Congratulations!!!!
I feel so thankful to be able to photograph this and these are the moments that I love being part of!!



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