Fashion Session : Paisley

Today I'm so excited to share this session, I photographed these images on saturday and it was a really fast session. We where working in a public Transit area and really busy than I had originally thought, but it was great! Paisley was able to rock it even if strangers where staring wondering what we where doing, thank you for that! In case she looks familiar, well she has modeled for me in past projects for school and studio sessions, definitely one of my favorite models to work with.

For this session, I had a while back been on the trolley while sunset time and while riding this trolley, I realized that this particular platform by Mission Valley has wonderful lighting that can easily get lost if we where to photograph in the actual valley instead of this platform. I thought it would be incredibly awesome to photograph in this trolley stop but never proceed to actually do it, well it was about time I did and I loved the results. Check out my favorite photos!


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