Fashion Shoot: 2013

 Every single time I have a free time I want to make fashion shoot, of course this is difficult, because it requires a lot of thought, and a theme and getting together the looks, and models. But this time it was different, I had a friend that helped me organize it and get together the group of models, and the looks. It was a great photo session, with the largest group of people I had photographed, and some the first time photographing. This fashion session was inspired by the location: Otay Ranch Mall. It is such a great mall, with a lot of potential for photos, I would like to do a  couple there (hint hint). It is also inspired by the fashion house H&M and the style that is trending today. I hope you enjoy this photographs. 
Fashion styling & coordinator: Irving Rocha 
Models: Irving, Mike, Pako, Danny, Chelzie, Giselle, Yiyi, Daisy, Omar. 

-Miriam M. 
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