FamBam Session

I present you my fambam session, with my mom and aunt and cousins and brother and nephew. Well you all get the idea. As a photographer sometimes you spent so much time trying to convince other people to be photographed and model for you, that it is way to easy to forget about your family. This happened to me, but I'm trying to always photograph special events, get those snapshots of the nephews, etc. But my goal is to once a year do a dedicated photo session for my entire family, so here it is, brand new year and family portraits :) Of course, it won't be last time, there is some missing people here, and I'm still trying to convince the pops to get photographed with us. 
Anyways, this session was specially to be photographed with my grandmother. She was visiting the family from Mexico, and well we wanted photos with her to keep and for her to take and show us off to rest of the family over there. I was happy with the results besides some difficulties: we had 35-40min to shoot since the sun was going down and the park was closing...my tripod broke so we had to be switching places, and showed my family how to operate my camera in less than 30sec. But its not so bad as I thought, I love the photos and I can't wait to have another session with my family! 
If you would like to see more of my work visit my Website! 
or to inquire for a future session. :)

Ps Here are some shots of us goofing off....excuse the bad quality... :P


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