Eteline and David's Wedding- Balboa Park

      Hello!!! As you might have seen in my Facebook Page, I put up some small previews of this wedding I had the opportunity to photograph with a great Friend and Photographer, Cocco, from
Cocco & Associates Photography. I highly recommend that you click the link and visit her page and Like it: and you'd be able to see more photos from this wedding!!! ;)
      I was 2nd photographer and assisting her, and it was awesome, and fun! For this blog, Im going to try to write my experience as how it went, and little details that I get to witness as a photographer, the experience is definitely a personal one- since you're with them from the very start to the very end! It is indeed a great privilege to capture such special moments! :)
     One of my great responsibilities was to be in charge of photographing the prep time of the beautiful bride Eteline, it included dressing time and all that fancy stuff and her family first looks of her. Eteline was so calm and poised, and her family was buzzing with excitement and joy, which I tried so dearly to photograph...I remember that Eteline kept saying she felt "those butterflies bursting in her stomach, but a lot more stronger than that" and I smiled and nodded. Something along those words, and if not Eteline feel free to correct it!
Eteline kept trying to explain how she felt, and well I understood nervous, and excited and bursting of happiness, can you see that she's all smiles? :D
    Well, I hope you enjoy this few images of my favorites from this day, it was a great experience working with Coco & the video crew.... If you see the image where their seating and smiling up: well its the Engagement Video that was made for them, and to give the guests a little info on how David proposed. You can click Here to see it... You won't be disappointed!!
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