Two weeks ago, I was able to collaborate with Angelina: I wanted to find new faces for my portfolio and I did find new ones through Model Mayhem. Its a great site where you can find models willing 
to model for you...So here's my first experience and it went awesome! We met through site and where shooting emails about our ideas, I wanted to photograph at this place for a while. I had visited it once
when I was barely picking up the camera from my High School photo club (formally known as Kearny Photo Geeks club) and the reason why I started this blog, actually if you dig enough in this blog I'm sure you will find the actual photos of my first visit here. Lets hope not. 
Anyways, this chick here recently moved here from Chicago and was looking to start modeling 
as a hobby and had done it once and fell in love with it. She's quite a natural must I say! 
I barely gave her direction whats so ever. I loved the results and it definitely will not be the last time I photograph here... I would like a couple... Hint hint ;) 
Enjoy this session!!! 
Let me know what you guys think by commenting below.. oh and did you notice 
my layouts? Yep, I'm getting in the style of editorial. 

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