Candy, Maggie, and Vanina-Fashion Shoot

During the beginning of May it was hectic, it was finals week and projects where due, and lots of printing and mounting was going on during the labs- but hey I made it! :) I didn't procrastinate as much, I think, I photographed my final in time and must I say it was a challenge! I used hot lights and one strobe, and it was my first time using my own spanking 7D camera! :D Overall these girls where amazing!! It won't be the last time I photograph them for sure, you might remember Vanina from last year- whom I photograph also for a project. Anyways, the purpose of this shoot was to represent in models: water, earth, and fire, and made it seem like they where manipulating it. In my head it was Avatar-the air bender cartoons mixed with fashion and my flare. See for yourself! By the way: the last photo of Vanina with fire is up at the San Diego County Fair in the student gallery, take a look if you visit it this summer! :)


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