Free Photo Session Contest!!!

Hello! I'm excited to hold my first free portrait session contest!! :D I wanted to add a little excitement to my photo page and interact more with people. I had seen a couple of other photographers hold contest and it had appealed to me, so here it is!!! Little tips: if you want to submit a photo of you're parents or family think about when was the last time you're family took portraits? Was it ages ago? Do they need to update those photos that hang in the living room with new fresh ones? Remember that YOU can choose the location!!! It can be a nice landscape view or panaromic view! I forgot to add something to the document: you cannot submit more than ONE photo, everyone that wants to be photographed has to be in the photo. Another thing don't send multiple photos of different persons or families. I will only count the FIRST photo and submission. Now. Submit Submit your photo and brief description:no more than 5 sentences. Can't wait to see the submissions! :)


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